Mitchell Gold discusses Obama’s marriage statement

Dear Faith in America supporters,

My focus on the President’s historic statement is the very positive impact it will have on gay teens, their families and additionally the Black Church.

I believe this is going to become a wedge issue against the Republicans. I know many Republicans who are tired of their party being the party of religion-based bigotry. As they realize that, like it or not, we are better off…much better off…than we were in the tailspin Fall of 2008, they might even support Pres. Obama.

Don Lemon has said that being gay is the worst thing for a young black teen. His words…not mine….on Joy Behar Show. The President’s leadership has started an important conversation and will get it out in the open in the Black community. I know from experience how devastated innocent Black kids can get. I also know that Black Church leaders can change. Less than 2 years ago the head of the NC NAACP was not supportive of LGBT rights….and now he is one of the truly fiercest advocates. Google “Rev. Barber and Mitchell Gold.”.

I must admit that I just don’t understand why Tony Perkins gets the opportunity to have the CNN platform so often. He is head of the Family Research Council which has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. His views are guided by his Southern Baptist religious teachings…a denomination that began based on it’s support of our country’s greatest embarrassment and horror…slavery. The SB Convention issued a formal apology on June 20, 1995 to America’s Black community for their role in slavery and segregation. Why would anyone listen to his view of morality? They’ve been horribly wrong in the past and are doing exactly the same thing today.

I’m proud and humbled that my book “Youth in Crisis” has been transformative and life saving for many. Has Tony Perkins? Or has he caused enormous harm? Imagine a 15 year old kid hearing his words. For a gay kid, they’re immensely hurtful…for bullies, they’re empowering.

Thank you, Mitchell