“Bathroom Bills Aren’t About Religious Freedom”

Faith In America Executive Director Eliel Cruz wrote an Op-ed in The Huffington Post about the so-called religious freedom bill and law passed in North Carolina.

“North Carolina passed the most dangerous piece of anti-LGBT legislation in the country that might provoke violence towards transgender people, all in the name of so-called “religious freedom.” How exactly will binary gendered bathrooms threaten the religious freedom of others? I’m not certain. Neither are the folks who are claiming transgender individuals using the bathroom infringes on their religious freedom….

These bathroom bills aren’t about religious freedom. These bills are actually ignorance manifesting itself in transphobia. It’s clear North Carolina legislators not only don’t understand what it means to be transgender but they also aren’t aware on how to back their anti-trans stance in scripture.”

Read the full Op-ed here: Bathroom Bills Aren’t About Religious Freedom