Faith in America to Lead Resistance Against President Trump’s Newest Executive Order

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Robert Hoffman Issues Statement on the Most Cynical and Constitutionally Damaging Executive Order Ever Signed By An American President

Hickory, NC – The media is reporting that on Thursday, President Donald Trump will sign an executive order with sweeping consequences for the nation regarding religious freedom. The executive order would open the door to widespread discrimination inside America’s religious-based organizations. Robert Hoffman, Co-Chair and Interim CEO of Faith in America, an organization dedicated to fighting bad players in the faith community who are against the freedoms of LGBT Americans, released the following statement:

“The reported Trump executive order is not about religious freedom, but rather about political exemptions.  Exempting people from the Constitution for political favor is not an American value. This would be the most cynical and constitutionally damaging executive order ever signed by an American President. The American faith community holds a broad set of civic and political views. When our nation would protect the constitutional rights of pro-life Christians, for example, over those of pro-choice Christians, then the so-called protection is unconstitutional. And, that’s what this executive order does. And, it does it across the board.

Americans who are LGBT stand to greatly suffer. We already live in a nation where LGBT teens and kids are 8 times more likely to kill themselves as compared to their straight friends. This is because of the condemnation received from their faith and their families influenced by condemning faith. Depression and self-hate is an outcome of religious practices that demean LGBT citizens. This executive order would not only set up LGBT teens and kids to face discrimination and fewer services but it would serve to send a signal of what America is and what’s okay, and our nation would move backwards, with diminishing freedoms and attitudes. This reported executive order is bad. Faith in America urges President Trump to reconsider, and if it is signed we will fight back with all we have.”