Faith In America Billboards Highlighting Impact on Kids from Religious Condemnation Surround Southern Baptist Convention

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During SBC, Most Billboards Surrounding the Convention Will Educate on Dramatically Higher Suicide and Homeless Rates Among LGBT Kids in Non-Affirming Families

PHOENIX — Faith in America unveiled its campaign of digital and truck billboards that will surround the Southern Baptists Convention this week, highlighting the impact of religious condemnation on LGBT Kids.  The two key messages of the billboards center around the fact that LGBT kids in condemning households are 8x more likely to try to kill themselves, and that 40% of all homeless teens are LGBT.

“We have pastors, parents, and counselors from all over America joining Faith In America in Phoenix because of the crisis our children are facing,” said Robert Hoffman, FIA co-chair. “We know the Baptist pastors, parents, and counselors attending the SBC care just as deeply about their kids and hope that a conversation about how to end this harm to children can open new doors for dialogue.”

Along with billboards surrounding the Convention Center, Faith in America’s Save-yOur-Kids campaign will have pastors, doctors and leaders seeking meetings with SBC leadership and volunteers handing out information and opening dialogue with convention attendees. 

To view the billboards, click here.

The Media packet for the SBC event can be found by clicking here.

Faith in America (FIA), an organization that exists to end religious-based harm to our LGBT community, realizes Americans can no longer sit by while our children and teenagers are being hurt. FIA has launched a 3-year program called “Save yOur Kids!” (SYK). Our SYK project is developed to address religious-base practices that condemn our teens and youth, creating hostile environments both at church and home, places most needed by our youth, as well as in schools and society at large.


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