Harmful Anti-LGBT Religious Teachings Lead to Harmful Anti-LGBT Policies

From the Texas Legislature to President Trump’s Most Recent Action Regarding Transgender Military Personnel, the Root Cause of LGBT Spiritual Discrimination Lies in Deep-Seeded Religious Misinterpretations.

Hickory, N.C.—All across America, churches and religious communities are teaching homosexuality—and by-extension transgenderism—is a sin. The misinterpretation of scripture seeps into every party of public life, including our elected officials. When communities of strong faith are taught that homosexuality is a sin, transgenderism is ungodly, or same-sex marriages are an abomination, they elect people who reflect those values, from the steeple to the state house.

This year, Texas State Senator, Lois Kolkhorst (R-18), who considers herself a devout Lutheran and attended Texas Christian University, introduced SB 3. Texas Senate Bill 3, which would bar schools from allowing transgender students to use the restroom of their choice and undercut municipal non- discrimination protections for transgender people in restrooms, locker rooms and athletic activities, is just one example of dangerous religious teachings seeping into state and local legislative processes. Yesterday, (July 26, 2017) SB 3 passed the TX Senate 21-20 and will now head to the TX House of Representatives, where it is expected to fail among more moderate House Republicans.

Not coincidentally, President Trump also tweeted out a massive military policy shift targeting Transgender members on the same day of the Texas bill.

“The President’s impulsive twitter attack on patriotic service members is appalling and contradicted by the Pentagon’s own assessment that transgender people are fit to serve.” said Shannon Minter, Legal Director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights. “It is unprecedented for a President to attack our own military personnel for political gain.”

The reality is that anti-LGBT policies that come out of legislatures or Twitter accounts cause an immense amount of harm and mental anguish to the thousands of LGBT youth trying to navigate a world in which they view themselves differently or in many cases negatively. Faith in America is deeply disturbed by the events that are unfolding all across America. We call upon the Texas House to vote down SB 3, we call upon President Trump to reverse the disastrous anti-Trans military policy, and we call on ALL religious leaders to end the discrimination against LGBT people and once and for all end the teaching that “homosexuality is a sin”.


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