Faith in America Meets With California State Assemblymember and Representatives of LGBT Caucus in Sacramento to Expedite LGBTQ Protections and Safety on California Christian University Campuses

Sacramento, CA—On August 22nd, Faith in America Medical Advisory Committee Member Dr. Joshua Wolff and Erin Green, Faith in America’s Program Manager for Religious Engagement and Executive Director of Biolans’ Equal Ground, a fully affirming LGBTQ group on Biola University’s campus, met with California state Assemblymember Evan Low, at the State Capitol. Joining the discussion were Evan Low’s staffers as well as the Legislative Aide to California state Senator Ricardo Lara.

Assemblymember Low serves as the Chair of California’s LGBT Caucus, while Senator Lara serves as Vice-Chair. The purpose of the meeting was to expedite measures that would ensure the safety and protection of LGBTQ students attending these non-affirming universities.

Dr. Joshua Wolff, a former Biola Alumnus, shared critical scientific research evidence which illustrates how anti-LGBTQ policies implemented on Christian campuses can be harmful to LGBTQ students. Erin Green, also a former Biola Biblical Studies student, shared anecdotal evidence. She included her personal experiences of blatant microaggressions and overt aggressions directed toward the gay community by Biola faculty. A number of other LGBTQ student experiences were presented during the meeting which bolstered the scientific evidence submitted to the Caucus.

Some examples of Dr. Wolff’s evidence underscores the current negative mental health impact on LGBTQ students who attend non-affirming faith-based colleges such as Biola University as well ongoing and unreported bullying and harassment for fear of retaliation by the schools. In light of such undeniable proof, Faith in America has requested that a formal legislative hearing be held in order to provide anecdotal evidence, research data, and medical/mental health perspectives regarding the harm induced by university policies which adversely affect LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ students on non-affirming California campuses. We believe that said hearing will aid in better determining and enacting legislative policies concerning LGBTQ communities who attend non-affirming Universities and Colleges.

Both Faith in America and the LGBTQ group, Biolans’ Equal Ground on Biola’s campus, believe that the scientific data and evidence pointing to the continuing harm on non-affirming California campuses as well as the anecdotal evidence demonstrates that LGBTQ students attending these universities remain marginalized and oppressed, which may cause unnecessary and avoidable suffering and harm which is unlike their non-LGBTQ peers.

Faith in America’s meeting with Assemblymember Low is one of the first among many actions that will be taken this year in order to ensure protection and safety for all LGBTQ students on California Christian campuses.

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