HAPPENING 9/12: Faith in America Organizes LGBT Leaders and Medical Professionals Around National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Faith in America is Hosting a Congressional Reception to Bring Attention to the Staggering Rates of Suicide Among America’s Teens. 

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Washington, D.C.—On September 12th, Faith in America is hosting a Save yOUr Kids! Congressional Reception centered around National Suicide Prevention Week. The Save yOur Kids! coalition is working to bring attention to the staggering rates of suicide and mental anguish caused to LGBT youth throughout the country by bringing together LGBT, medical, and allied leaders. 

Save yOur Kids! Congressional Reception Speakers

  • Dan Reynolds, Lead Singer, Imagine Dragons 
  • Jane Clementi, Co-Founder, Tyler Clementi Foundation
  • Stephenie Larson, Executive Director, Encircle; LGBTQ Youth & Family Resource Center
  • Mitchel Gold, Co-Founder Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, Co-Founder Faith in America

“Legislators have more impact on preventing teen suicide than they might understand.  We need their leadership in legislation and the words they say in their communities to help end this epidemic,” Said Mitchell Gold, Co-Founder of Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams and Faith in America. “Our reception will help to open their minds and hearts. It’s especially important for Republican legislators to understand that LGBT teens growing up in conservative homes are far more likely to suffer mental anguish and even suicide.”

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