In addition to paper, pens, and all the other basic school supplies, make sure you, your child, or someone you love start the school year off right by protecting yourselves and others from bullying, harassment, and hazing!

Here are two of our programs that should be on everyone’s back-to-school list:

  • Download your free #Day1 bullying-prevention toolkit, which includes information about why #Day1 works and how it will help you and your school.
    Check out this video and see #Day1 in action!



  • Bring the Upstander Speaker Series to your school, college, fraternity, or sorority! Members of the Clementi family and foundation staff share Tyler’s story and our work to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to take the Upstander Pledge and help prevent bullying from #Day1.

If you have any questions or need assistance with these programs, please contact us.