The Safe Classrooms Blog explores how educators and parents can use social-emotional learning to create more accepting classrooms where young people feel empowered to prevent and interrupt bullying. Click one of the topics below to read more. Contents by Topic March 2021 Why Do Students Bully? In High School, I experienced bullying in the form

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You Can Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying In Its Tracks

It’s happened to all of us – our temper rises, our muscles clench, and suddenly, we’re not thinking. In our fury, we’re spitting out or furiously typing words that don’t’ represent our character, or who we are. Often, in the heat of a tense situation, emotions can run high, and that’s when bullying or cyber-bullying

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Keep It Cool By Building Online Civility

There’s no denying that we are experiencing a time when there is a crack in civility online. According to a new survey, eighty-four percent of Americans have experienced incivility first-hand and sixty-nine percent believe that social media and the Internet are to blame. Seventy-five percent of American’s believe that the change begins with us. How

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Expert Tips: Youth who Identify as Transgender and/or Gender Diverse and their Educators, and Parents

Image about Transgender Inclusion by Jo Morrison, Chicago, IL

Tips For Teens Identify Supports and Allies Knowing that there are others who accept you for who you are can help you feel better about yourself during times when bullies try to make you think otherwise. It is important that your support system include staff and adults in whatever location you happen to be, in

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Expert Tips: Creating Cyber-Mentors to End Bullying


How Cyber-Mentors Reduce Cyberbullying Youth today spend more time on their digital devices than doing anything else except sleeping. It’s like home to them. According to a recent Common Sense survey, teens spend an average of 9 hours per day using media — which means they are digitally connected for most of their waking hours!

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Expert Tips: Supporting Loved Ones of a Suicide Victim

Hands clasped for support.

When a person loses a loved one to suicide, the effects differ from other forms of loss. Suicide is an intentional action taken by a person who no longer felt the desire to live, although unfortunately these decisions are often made during extreme emotional distress. When you learn that someone you love was in enough

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Expert Tips: Bullying Prevention

Students in Classroom

An ounce of bullying prevention can make a world of difference to creating a welcoming and inclusive space. We know that you will want to start on #Day1 and so we asked professor and expert Debi Kipps-Vaughan, Psy. D., to share several helpful tips on how communities can take a pro-active in role in preventing

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Expert Tips: Persons with Disabilities

Athletes with disabilities on the basketball court

Persons with disabilities are an important and active part of so many different environments, but one British study found that 60 percent of students with disabilities report being bullied regularly compared with 25 percent of all students.1 We know that putting an end to bullying starts on #Day1 and with a better understanding of diverse

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Expert Tips: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying expert tips.

Being online means interfacing with innumerable individuals behind the screen of nicknames and avatars. Take the Upstander Pledge and you know that the first steps to stopping hostility online is to stand up to bullying and support individuals targeted by cruelty. We asked cyberbullying expert Sameer-Hinduja, Ph.D., to share several more tips to identify and

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