The Tyler Clementi Center at Rutgers

The Tyler Clementi Center for Diversity Education and Bias Prevention at Rutgers University- New Brunswick was established in 2013 as a research center to address the unique issues that impacted Tyler and the many students who experience bias and peer aggression within higher education. Richard L. Edwards, former Chancellor of Rutgers University and the Tyler Clementi Foundation were integral to the creation.
The Tyler Clementi Center for Diversity Education and Bias Prevention  engages scholars, practitioners and thought leaders to examine the impact of bias, peer aggression and campus climate on students attending institutions of higher education. The center offers lectures, symposia and training to assist campus professionals in fostering institutional responsiveness and creating an affirming transition experience for all students entering higher education.
“This center will embody our shared commitment to breaking new ground to study the rapidly changing world our young adults live in,” the Clementi family said when the Center was announced, “in order to lend support, especially as they transition into adulthood. We commend Rutgers for its commitment – unique in higher education – and we are grateful to have the center named in memory of our son.
Dr. Joan Collier, Director of Institutional Equity and Strategic Initiatives within the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement at Rutgers University- New Brunswick currently oversees the center.
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