Take the #Day1 Pledge!

As a student in grades K-3, you have an important part to play in bullying prevention by being an Upstander for all your friends.

Take the #Day1 Pledge

Begin the pledge:

  • I am an Upstander.
  • I will stand up for kindness.
  • I will stand up to make everyone welcome.
  • I will speak up to stop someone who is saying or doing hurtful things to me or to others./li>

  • I will do my best to protect my feelings by throwing hurting words away instead of taking them into my heart.
  • I will get help from a grownup I trust anytime bullying happens to me.
  • I will reach out to someone who is bullied by talking to them, asking if they are OK, and letting them know I care.
  • I will do my best to stop myself from hurting others with my words or my body. If I make a mistake, I will say I’m sorry.
  • I am an Upstander!

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