An innovative campaign that's rooted in research to help stop bullying before it starts.

Our #Day1 for Schools is a simple, proactive, effective and empowering program that was created for teachers, administrators and support staff to help create safe respectful classrooms and schools that are free from bullying behavior.  

#Day1 is a developmentally appropriate initiative that teaches kids to celebrate differences; identify acceptable behaviors within the classroom and beyond; the importance of kindness, respect and compassion; as well as how to intervene safely and appropriately in a bullying situation.  

Toolkits are available for Early, Middle, and Upper Grade levels as well as Higher Education/Colleges and Universities. We invite you to explore each toolkit to find the right fit for your group’s academic and maturity level.

Please email outreach@tylerclementi.org if you have any questions about implementing #Day1 in your school.


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