Tyler’s Suite is a Powerful Musical Experience

An #Upstander shares how performing Tyler's Suite as part of the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus inspires him to reflect on the impacts of language and action.

Dion Grace of Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus

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Tyler’s Suite is an emotionally moving work. Listening to it helps the audience connect with the emotional responses from the many different perspectives represented—Tyler, his mom, his dad, his brother. Singing it, however, is a completely different experience; and using the word ‘powerful’ is quite the understatement.

I was taught as a kid to watch what I say and think before I speak because what I say is, in fact, powerful. Tyler’s story embodies the impacts of hurtful language and actions.

Saying “I hear you say ‘I love you’; I’d say ‘I love you more'” puts me directly in the shoes of Jane Clementi and the unconditional love she can no longer express to Tyler. It’s hard wrapping my mind around how much my mom loves me, but this piece helps understand that love. Joseph Clementi resonates with his emotional response of confusion: “How could this happen? How could someone be so cruel to another person?” It’s an uncomfortably familiar question.

Tyler’s Suite shows that bullying has consequences far beyond words that are said and actions that are taken against intended targets as acts of intolerance. This work is important to me because it reminds us first and foremost that Tyler Clementi was human. He had emotions. He had people that loved him. But because he was bullied, there will be songs we’ll never hear him share and music that will always be unplayed.

Dion Grace is a member of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. Follow the chorus on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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