Diversity Statement

There are many problems and injustices in the world, and as individuals we each have causes and initiatives that we champion every day. Together we’ve decided that online and offline bullying, harassment, and humiliation are dangerous behaviors with consequences that can be irreversible. We are compelled to stand together to promote dignity, respect, and civility for everyone and against behavior that harms individuals and our community.  To that end, the Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF) is strategic, deliberate, and focused when using our time and resources to make a difference and our collective dent in the universe.

Through the experience of Tyler Clementi and the lens of the TCF mission, we have decided that we must ensure a safe and supportive work environment for our current and future TCF team and partners.  This means being culturally competent, inclusive, and constructive in how we approach our work. We will maintain a harassment-free environment that celebrates diversity, cooperation, consideration, compassion, and kindness in both our public and private discourse and actions.


  • The Tyler Clementi Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all individuals to thrive.
  • The foundation of serving people with dignity, equity and respect is our diligent and genuine commitment, with specific attention given to eliminating overt and implicit biases or any type of ‘ism’ rooted in prejudice (racism, sexism, etc.).
  • We pledge to do everything we can to make diversity and inclusion our pillar of excellence while serving others.
  • Our organization will regularly assess and improve our policies, practices, language and assumptions about:
    • who and how we serve the community,
    • how decisions are made,
    • how resources are allocated, and
    • with whom we partner, and with whom we do not.

Hate and violence are increasingly visible in the public discourse in the United States and around the world.  The uptick in harassment, humiliation, and inhumanity suffered by individuals and groups in our community must be stopped. Civility, dignity, and fraternity require community and empowerment and we want to be a part of reversing this trend of rising harassment.

Most importantly, our Diversity and Inclusion Statement is a living sentiment, revised as needed over time.

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