at a house party to benefit the Tyler Clementi Foundation!

Portrait of Jane Clementi with Alan Buie-King and husband

Jane Clementi co-founded the Tyler Clementi Foundation alongside husband Joe because she wants to make sure that our society learns the consequences of discrimination and bullying, as she learned all too personally through the loss of her son. A native of New Jersey and devoted mother of three sons, Jane speaks passionately to parents and community leaders about the need to not merely “accept” or “tolerate” children who come out as LGBT, but to embrace them as wondrous creations of God. Jane, a registered nurse, speaks on the need for parents of LGBT children to come out and speak openly of the love they have for their children, and in doing so each one of us can impact the world around us and create accepting environments. Since losing Tyler, Jane’s spiritual journey has continued to carry and transform her in ways she never would have imagined. She left her church home of many years because she felt that while sitting in the pews of a church that condemned LGBT people she was herself a bystander to bullying. Jane leads an inspirational life through her unique experience which she shares with other parents, and speaks passionately about the need to divorce the concept of “sin” from homosexuality. She has made difficult choices in an impossible situation, and leads by example. She has spoken out in support of LGBT rights and the need for families and communities to embrace their LGBT populations. Jane has spoken at BNP Paribas Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a variety of universities including The College of New Jersey, high schools and churches.

Alan Buie-King
Tyler Clementi Foundation Board Chair

Jane Clementi
Tyler Clementi Foundation Co-founder

Jason Cianciotto
Tyler Clementi Foundation Executive Director


Portrait of The Triangle Gay Men's Chorus

Entertainment by
The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus

SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 2018 • 6‐8pm

At the home of Alan and Benjamin Buie-King
2217 Weybridge Dr, Raleigh, NC 27615

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