Join the $5,000 Matching Gift Challenge!

Your gift between now and the end of the April will be doubly impactful...

Fundraiser for Tyler Clementi Foundation

Help the Tyler Clementi Foundation keep our simple and effective bullying-prevention tools, like our lauded #Day1 campaign as featured on CBS Sunday Morning, free and accessible to the public and those that need them most.

When you make a gift between now and the end of the April,
it will be doubly impactful, thanks to the generous
$5,000 matching gift challenge
made by our fabulous host, Kevin Carroll!

Thank you for your support. Together, we can end online and offline bullying.

Below please find a helpful breakdown of the ways you can help us protect today’s youth:

  • A $150 gift will help bring our simple, easy-to-use bullying prevention program #Day1 to 3 classrooms.
  • With a gift of $250, you can help us bring #Day1 to 2 college campuses or 3 workplaces.
  • A $500 gift lets us share our powerful anti-bullying Workplace Training to a business in need.
  • $1,000 can help offset the costs of bringing Jane or James Clementi to a local school to give their acclaimed Upstander Speaker Series so that more schools can discover and learn from Tyler’s story.
  • For $2,500, TCF can commission a national poll/survey to learn about bullying attitudes and best practices, to help shape our work and that of those in our field.
  • And finally, with a gift of $5,000, you can help TCF access software that will allow us to more effectively engage the media.