Social Media for Social Change! End Bullying With Your Own Facebook Fundraiser

Enlist those you care about to help put an end online and offline bullying.

Tiles to Share

Right click and save these tiles to share in your networks. Find more at the Upstander Wall.

Tile Facebook Fundraiser


More than 50% of voters believe campaign tone is affecting kids.


Infographic: 1 Out of 4 Students are Bullied

Infographic: More than Half of Muslim Students

Infographic: 32% of LGBTQ Students Missed School




  • Go to Facebook in your browser ( or open your Facebook App.
  • Type “Tyler Clementi Foundation” in the Search Bar if you are in the Facebook App.
  • Find the “Fundraisers” section. On a desktop computer, look on the right-hand side of the page. On a mobile device, scroll down your screen to “Fundraisers”.
  • Click “Create a Fundraiser” button found below the “Fundraisers” listings on a desktop. On a mobile device, click “Create”. Starting from our page ensures that the gifts you raise go directly to the foundation.
  • Create a personalized title and include a call to action. Examples: “Help me end bullying this holiday season”, “I’m asking you to stand up to bullying with me,” and “Today, join me in giving a gift to end bullying in my school.”
  • Share why we all must work together to end bullying, harassment and humility in your own words and how you came to be an Upstander. Other tips for creating your summary include:
    • Create some urgency in your request
    • Have a clear end date for your fundraising campaign such as December 31, 2017
    • Set a clear goal and your intention to meet it.
  • Invite around 20 friends to support your campaign at a time. Invite too many at once and you risk being locked out by Facebook!


  • Make a daily post to your account in support of your efforts to foster conversation to end bullying, harassment and humiliation.
  • Send friendly reminders every day or so, to inspire action.
  • Include some of our graphic tiles, images or memes. Some are located on this page for your convenience.
  • When friends share your fundraising page, encourage them to include a personal note. For example, “Help my friend Linda end bullying!” which may help strangers take action.
  • Invite people by email who may not be on Facebook
  • Review other fundraisers’ pages for inspiration.

Facebook Fundraiser Infographic