Happy Pride!


Wherever you are, however you identify, however you are celebrating, I hope that you are having a Happy Pride! The idea of Pride as an isolated day feels downright antiquated at this point. This month of June is for the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and the T’s. It is for the Q’s, the I’s, the A’s and the +’s. It is for me, and it is for you. This is our month, and I hope you’re taking the time to heal yourself, love yourself, know yourself and most of all BE yourself.

Pride is a call to action. Pride happens at the community level, when we put aside our divisions and support all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride happens cross-communally thanks to the amazing and necessary support of our allies. And Pride happens individually, in every moment where we love and embrace ourselves for who we are and work to erase the hate and negativity we have encountered and so often internalized.

This last point is so powerful, especially as we are so often taught to be ashamed of ourselves and the way that we feel, act, love and express who we are to the world around us. We face threats, we face violence. So many of our community live in fear of safety and a cruel world that teaches us to hide ourselves, often for the very purpose of survival. 

Pride is not a time to cast these concerns away, but rather a moment to reflect on, and to ultimately celebrate the triumph of our lives, our excellence and our goodness. We are often taught that we are not good, and that there is something morally bad about our existence that is inherent to who we are. Whatever lessons in hate that you have experienced, let this month be a personal challenge to set those voices aside and listen to your own inner voice.

When you listen to yourself, your love, your heart and your caring for others, you will see the goodness and the beauty that is inherent to who you are. Your expression of that self is a beautiful thing, and you deserve to feel comfortable being who you are. That may not always be possible, and if you are reading these words from a place where it is unsafe, or dangerous to be yourself, please know that anything you have to do to preserve your life and safety is understandable. I hope that you can find the Pride within yourself and as you make moves to change your circumstances be patient and know that you can take gradual steps to make things better. Also know that you are not alone. There are so many of us and it is an incredible thing to find community with those of us who are like-minded.

This Pride, take care of yourself and find the meaning that it holds for you. There is significance in how we celebrate ourselves and our community. Let yourself be lifted up.

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