Hope in the fight against cyberbullying: Tyler Clementi’s mother on a serious crisis that demands more action

This week, a newly released poll confirmed what many parents have long known or suspected: Their children and teens are being bullied online through apps, games and social media. The data reveals that half of teens in New York City report they have experienced some form of cyberbullying and more than half know how to hide their online behavior from their parents.

It also shows that among millennial parents, who themselves grew up with the internet, 82% are concerned about their children being cyberbullied by the time they are teens. And among parents of teens, nearly two-thirds are concerned their children are being cyberbullied.

As the parent of a teenager who died by suicide after he was viciously cyberbullied, I want parents to understand how serious the risks of cyberbullying are. And as the head of a foundation dedicated to ending bullying in person and online, I want to tell parents that there are many proactive steps they can take to keep their children safe and to prevent them from becoming bullies of others.

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