Jane Clementi to First Lady Melania Trump:

"The invitation still stands. Let's talk -- mom to mom -- about cyberbullying."

Today, First Lady Melania Trump is hosting a summit at the White House with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to discuss ways to combat cyberbullying and increase kindness online.

In honor of the summit, we want the First Lady to know that Jane Clementi’s invitation to meet with with her — mom to mom — to talk about cyberbullying still stands.

We need your help to make it happen!

Please complete the form below to sign the electronic card, and we will send a physical letter to First Lady Melania Trump asking her to meet with Jane Clementi to discuss working together to end all forms of bullying! 

Dear First Lady Melania Trump:

Thank you for agreeing that Cyberbullying is a major problem. In fact, It is a public health crisis that far too often leads to violence and even death.

I believe all families must have safe spaces for learning and interacting with others, on and offline. We must work together to prevent all forms of  Bullying.

SINCE THE DEATH BY SUICIDE OF HER SON TYLER iN 2010, WHO WAS CYBERBULLIED BY HIS COLLEGE ROOMMATE BECAUSE OF HIS SEXUAL ORIENTATION, JANE has inspired the nation to create a culture of kindness through committing to being #Upstanders from #Day1.

I respectfully urge you to have a conversation with Jane Clementi, co-founder of the Tyler Clementi FOundation, mom to mom.