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With the heat of summer comes a rise in temperatures outside and in our interactions with others. Tempers are more likely to flare, and the warmth can prompt people to act out with more hostility than they normally would and create situations where bullying, harassment and hostility can occur. We encourage you to ‘Keep It Cool’ this summer season with some tips, some fun and a commitment to join us as an Upstander in your community.

What does it take to ‘Keep It Cool’? It takes recognizing when an interaction takes a turn towards the hostile, step back if possible, commitment to report bullying, harassment or humiliation when you see it (or experience it), demonstrate compassion and care for those who experience it, and to actively engage your community to nurture and embrace all identities, regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender identity, sexual identity, immigration status, or ability.

Here’s what you can do now:

Share on Social Media

Copy and paste these tiles to share on social media with your community and let them know that it’s time we all step up as #Upstanders to ‘Keep It Cool”.

Keep It Cool TileKeep It Cool TileKeep It Cool TileKeep It Cool Tile

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Take the #Day1 Declaration With Your Team and Share It Online.

Schools, universities and employers across the nation are taking the #Day1 Declaration to create safe space and prevent bullying, harassment and humiliation online and offline. Share it with your community today because #Day1Works!


Take the Upstander Pledge

Take the Upstander Pledge and commit themselves to being an #Upstander in their community.

I pledge to be an Upstander:

  • I will stand up to bullying whether I’m at school, at home, at work, in my house of worship; whether I am speaking in the digital cyber world or out in the real world with friends, family, colleagues or teammates.
  • I will work to make others feel safe and included by treating them with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • I will not use insulting or demeaning language, slurs, gestures, facial expressions, or jokes about anyone’s sexuality, size, gender, race, any kind of disability, religion, class, politics, or other differences, in person or while using technology.
  • If I realized I have hurt someone I will apologize.
  • I will remain vigilant and not be a passive audience or “bystander” to abusive actions or words.

If I see or hear behavior that perpetuates prejudice:

  • I will speak up! I will let others know that bullying, cruelty, and prejudice are abusive and not acceptable.
  • If I do not feel safe or if my intervention does not change the poor behaviors, I will tell a trusted adult or person of authority.
  • I will reach out to someone I know who has been the target of abusive actions or words and let this person know that this is not okay with me and ask how I can help.

If I learn in person or online that someone is feeling seriously depressed or potentially suicidal

  • I will reach out and tell this person, “Your life has value and is important, no matter how you feel at the moment, and no matter what others say or think.”

  • I will strongly encourage this person to get professional help.

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