Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International recommends #Day1

National movement recognizes #Day1 as a resource to stop workplace bullying and to increase child protection.

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International

We are excited to have the Tyler Clementi Foundation as a partner for International Child Protection Month this September and are heavily promoting the #Day1 Campaign as one of the important actions that adult leaders can take to protect and empower the young people in their lives. I wish you could have been with me a few weeks ago when Jill Gallo, Cabrillo College Extension Coordinator, read the #Day1 Declaration to 37 middle and high school students in our Youth Leadership program. The students listened intently and nodded their heads. Jill then added, “If you adopt and uphold these values, it will serve you well here and throughout your lives.”

Several of the students, who are going to be leading clubs at their schools, asked for a copy so they could read it aloud to start off the school year. We are also recommending #Day1 as an important step in stopping workplace bullying. During a TalentCulture TChat radio show and pre-interview on video last week, I was asked what leadership in companies could do to create a culture that promotes safety and respect instead of bullying and harassment.

I explained that having leaders read and uphold the Tyler Clementi Foundation’s  #Day1 Declaration is a very important first step. TalentCulture is an online community of human resource professionals and has over 78,000 followers on Twitter. Many were saying that having such a clear and specific action to take is truly valuable. We are including the #Day1 Campaign as a recommended resource in our blog posts and articles about bullying and harassment prevention as well as child protection. These have gone to over 15,000 safety advocates around the world: How to Recognize and Stop Workplace Bullying and Harassment and #Day1 Campaign to Stop Bullying, Harassment, and Prejudice Before It Starts. #Day 1 is a powerful campaign, and we are proud to have Kidpower be part of it!