Losing My Gay Son To Suicide Changed The Way I View My Christian Faith

By Jane Clementi

Like all my children, my son Tyler had red hair. Red hair is pretty rare ― only around 2 percent of the world’s population is born with it. In fact, Tyler was born with many of my traits. Everywhere I go, people tell me how much he looked like me.

There were many traits he was born with, like his hair color and his amazing gifts as a musician. Music was an inborn trait that just called to him from an early age. It was his passion and a deep part of who he was.

There were other traits that he was not born with, traits that I encouraged and helped to instill in him: doing well in school, being a caring brother and a thoughtful friend. I shared my faith with him by bringing him to church, hoping to instill in him the values that I believed in and surrounding him with a community that loved and cared for our family.

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