Mom to Mom: Invite Melania to Join Us in Conversation

2017-01-momtomom-wpSIGN THE LETTER BELOW + SEND YOUR OWN LETTER: The time to stand up against bullying in our schools and communities is now. Jane Clementi, mother of Tyler Clementi, has responded to First Lady Melania Trump’s call to end cyberbullying by inviting her to a one-on-one discussion. Want to make it clear that Melania should join the conversation in how we all can end bullying, harassment and humiliation? Sign the electronic card below and we will send a physical letter to First Lady Melania Trump asking her to meet with Jane Clementi to discuss working together to end all forms of bullying! 

“Thank you, Melania, for agreeing that cyberbulling is a major problem.

Bullying is a health crisis with implications across communities and schools. As a mother, I believe all families must have safe spaces for learning and interacting with others. We must work together to prevent all forms of online and offline bullying, harassment and humiliation from affecting any child’s development.

Let’s have a conversation—mom to mom—to discuss solutions that put an end to all online and offline bullying for everyone.