We’re In Your Corner.

Stand up to bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month (and every month) through action and compassion.


National Bullying Prevention Month is an opportunity to highlight the important work we must all do to end bullying offline and online in schools, universities, organizations and faith institutions for all people. One important way to prevent bullying is to take steps to create safe space before it event starts through identifying and encouraging allies to step forward as Upstanders. We encourage you to let people know you are ‘in their corner’ and ready to take action as well as to listen.

What does it take to be an Upstander to those who may not fit the norm, who may become bullied because they are outsiders or different? It takes commitment to report bullying when you see it, to demonstrate compassion and care for those who experience it, and to actively engage your community to nurture and embrace all identities, regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender identity, sexual identity, immigration status, or ability.

Here’s what you can do now:

National Bullying Prevention Month AvatarLet People Online Know You Are “In Their Corner”

Add a ribbon (or Twibbon) to your profile image so that individuals online know you are safe to speak with with and that you are committed to end bullying, online and offline.

Add Ribbon

Take the Upstander Pledge

Take the Upstander Pledge and commit themselves to being an #Upstander in their community.

Take Pledge

Take the #Day1 Declaration With Your Team and Share It Online.

Schools, universities and employers across the nation are taking the #Day1 Declaration to create safe space and prevent bullying, harassment and humiliation online and offline. Share it with your community today.

Start #Day1

Join Us At One of These Events to Support Bullying Prevention

More Helpful Tips to Prevent Bullying in Your Community