President Donald Trump: Change Your Tone

Raise your voice to demand that the President take concrete steps to prevent bullying.

President Donald Trump,

In 2016, our country concluded a political campaign that was filled with bullying where many marginalized and vulnerable groups including women, Muslims, immigrants, Blacks, Mexicans, the disabled, Native Americans as well as the LGBTQI community were targeted simply for being who they are.

These bullying actions have taken us to a place where our future is not just uncertain, but could very well be dangerous. Some have already experienced a wave of post-election hate and harassment. Now more than ever we must be Upstanders; people who stand up and say something when we see someone being harassed or intimidated. The Tyler Clementi Foundation will not tolerate bullying for any purposes, and certainly not for political gain.

We are calling on you to do the following:

  • Change your tone. Be the president for all people, even those who didn’t vote for you, oppose you and even those who demonstrate against you. Showing respect for diverse opinions will help heal our national dialogue.
  • Model behavior that condemns bias, cruelty and marginalization of people of all identities, genders, sexual orientations, races, languages, abilities and religions.
  • Join Melania Trump in her expressed commitment to reduce cyberbullying, with sincere gestures and federal resources.

Photo: Greg Skidmore