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People don’t realize that you can be bullied at work. In fact, workplace bullying is a common issue we at Tyler Clementi Foundation hear about. Its why corporations like Estee Lauder, AT&T, and Barilla US support the Tyler Clementi Foundation and the #Day1 Campaign. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, approximately 66 million Americans were affected by bullying in their workplace in 2015. Bullying affects employee satisfaction and performance- which are essential to a thriving workplace. Nobody deserves to be harassed while they just trying to do their job. #Day1 Campaign can address that.

The #Day1 Campaign can easily be used with your Human Resource onboarding materials to ensure everyone is on the same page about bullying when they start with the company. #Day1 can also be used as workplace safety programming with your whole workforce so that it becomes a part of your existing employee safety resources. #Day1’s branding can be tailored to fit your businesses identity as well. We want to make it easy for you to make a difference in your workplace with the #Day1 Campaign. Its free, simple, and effective!

This is why you should stand up to bullying on #Day1. Download your free Toolkit to help you establish a space free from hostility and accepting of diversity. Learn more about #Day1 and why it works!

TCF and #Day1 is also proud to team up with Workplace Options, the industry leader on workplace enrichment programs. With our partnership with Workplace Options, we are able to provide programming and training for your workforce so that your employees can learn about things like how to spot if their child is being bullied and so much more. Learn more about Workplace Options.

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