Respect in the Workplace: BASF Takes the #Upstander Pledge

Assembled by Allchemie and the Latin American Employee Group of BASF, this is a team standing up to bullying starting on #Day1!

Jane and James Clementi Speak at BASF

in 2016, BASF’s Allchemie and the Latin American Employee Group (LAEG) partnered up to create a diversity event on a topic that can affect any of us, at any point in our lives and careers…bullying. Guest speakers from the Tyler Clementi Foundation and the Florham Park Police Department were invited to educate employees on Bullying and its effects.

In 2010, Tyler Clementi’s death became a global news story, highlighting the impact and consequences of bullying.

The diversity event, hosted in Florham Park and webcast to all North America sites, aimed to raise greater awareness for bullying prevention. Tyler Clementi’s mother and brother, Jane and James Clementi, and Police Sergeant Glen Johnstone helped us better understand the consequences of bullying and what we can do to create a more inclusive environment.

Jane and James Clementi speak at BASF.The heartfelt sharing of both Jane and James Clementi and the positive influence of their endeavors in Tyler’s memory made for a presentation that touched all in attendance. The law enforcement portion provided statistical data and valuable tools to identify and assist in the prevention of bullying.

Nationwide, anti-bullying campaigns such as Spirit Day on October 20th and #Day1, which was started by the Tyler Clementi Foundations are making great impact in schools and campuses. The message that bullying is unacceptable needs to be continually reinforced so that it extends beyond the classroom to all facets of daily living.

Audience at the BASF PresentationAs a company that embraces diversity, we are hopeful that BASF can continue laying the groundwork for our future colleagues to join a company that is welcoming and free from bias. We are all unique beings and that only augments our strength.

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion and, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the event concluded with a networking Latin-inspired lunch.

Are you looking to make your workplace free of bullying, harassment and humiliation? Learn more about both our Upstander Speaker Series and Workplace training programs.