TCF Praises Television Network ABC for Swift, Strong Response to Cyber-Bullying

The Tyler Clementi Foundation commends ABC Entertainment for moving quickly to cancel the Rosanne Show following highly-publicized incidences of cyber-bullying by its star Rosanne Barr. In a statement, Jason Cianciotto, executive director of the Tyler Clementi Foundation challenged the network and others within the entertainment industry to join the movement to end bullying:

“Cyber-bullying has no place in our society,” said Cianciotto. “We commend ABC Entertainment for their swift, direct condemnation of tweets by Rosanne Barr that amount to cyber-bullying. The network’s cancellation of a successful television show is a clear indicator that nobody – even a celebrity with their own television show – is immune from the consequences of their actions. We challenge ABC and others in the entertainment industry to join efforts to help stop bullying before it starts by promoting themes of respect, kindness and compassion. The TV industry can be a powerful force for bullying prevention and we are heartened by ABC’s decision to stand up to bullying.”