The Safe Classrooms Blog explores how educators and parents can use social-emotional learning to create more accepting classrooms where young people feel empowered to prevent and interrupt bullying. Click one of the topics below to read more.

Safe Classrooms

Celebrating Pride in the Classroom

This June, we encourage all educators, coaches, and youth leaders to incorporate elements of LGBTQ Pride into their classrooms. A celebration of LGBTQ history, Pride month honors

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How #Upstanders Make Change

Having spent several years in public education, I’ve often wondered what traits, skills, and strategies help students become successful. I am by no means an

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Introducing Our New #Day1 Toolkits

We are thrilled to share our new and improved #Day1 toolkits with you, our community. For the past five years, #Day1 has helped teachers, group leaders, coaches, and faith leaders set

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Modernizing Schools for Inclusion

How can we modernize schools and classrooms around inclusive practices? Education reform that shifts away from the traditional school and classroom learning models could make schools more inclusive, democratic, and

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Why Do Students Bully?

In High School, I experienced bullying in the form of hazing rituals while playing team sports. Older students told us that it was a traditional

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A Closer Look at Conflict Resolution

Bullying behaviors should always be interrupted and reported but we also need a clear process for conflict resolution. This requires a sincere apology, making amends, and forgiveness.

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Teaching #Upstander Behavior

Teaching #Upstander Behavior This article offers educators and parents tools they can use to create a community of #Upstanders. In my experience as a teacher, my

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LGBTQ+ Inclusion

New Jersey recently passed a mandate for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ content in textbooks and social studies curricula in schools throughout the state. Since then,

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