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If you are facing any kind of stress, harassment or feelings of hopelessness, don’t wait another moment to reach out for help. Here are some great organizations that can help you now: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988), The Trevor Project (866-488-7386) and the Jed Foundation

#Day1 is an innovative campaign that’s rooted in research to help stop bullying before it starts.

#Day1 will allow you to:

  • Clearly address bullying on #Day1.
  • Outline expectations for behavior and the responsibility to intervene, report, and reach out if individuals notice bullying.
  • Promote a shared understanding and receive verbal confirmation from all participants.
  • As a group, read the Upstander Pledge and take a public stand against bullying. 

Download and implement #Day1 today by choosing one of the following categories below that best describes your groups’ setting.


Check out #Day1 in action across the Nation


#Day1 Coalition Partners & Leaders

#Day1 Coalition Partners are organizations who promote #Day1 on their websites, social media or email communities to help the Tyler Clementi Foundation expand our reach and impact.

#Day1 Leaders are organizations who have implemented #Day1 in their schools, workplaces and faith communities to prevent bullying before it begins.

Learn more about our #Day1 Coalition Partners & Leaders here.

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