Southern Baptists denounced racism; do the same for anti-LGBTQ bullying

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

This might be worthy advice for moral people, enjoining them to see others compassionately even in their errors, if not for the fact that what is considered sinful has changed with time.

While they have kept 10 of the original commandments, Christians have largely left behind the Old Testament admonitions to not mix linen and wool or avoid rare steak. In America, many faiths have acknowledged in recent decades a change in what is permissible, what is sinful and what is considered moral behavior. 

It’s time for America’s faith traditions to see their rejection of LGBTQ people because of their innate sexuality for what it is – bullying. Theology that describes love between two consenting people as sinful, as many denominations do, is bullying of a minority population, plain and simple.

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