Together, we can End Bullying. Join us as a Corporate Upstander through sponsorship!

As a Corporate Upstander, you can join us in our efforts to end bullying in school, workplaces and faith communities.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for local and national programs and events. Please fill out the form below or contact Christine M. Young at or by phone at (347) 470-8883.

“I join with the Clementi family and the countless youth and adults helped by our #Day1 bullying prevention program and other services in thanking the small and medium businesses, large corporations and LGBT business owners across the country who so generously support our work. Without you not only helping to ‘keep the lights on’ through your sponsorships and donations, but also sharing your guidance and expertise as members of our Boards, we would not be able to help prevent another parent from losing a child to suicide due to the effects of bullying. Thank you for helping to make our work — and my very personal dream — possible.”
—Jason Cianciotto, Executive Director of the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

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