US bishops show their support for initiative to stop bullying of LGBT youth

    At least 10 US Catholic bishops have signed a statement supporting the Tyler Clementi Foundation in standing up for at-risk LGBT youth in the United States and speaking out against bullying directed at them. “As we see in the Gospels, Jesus Christ taught love, mercy and welcome for all people, especially for those […]

A group of Catholic bishops issues statement condemning bullying of LGBTQ youth

The signers also directed part of their comments directly to LGBTQ people, saying, ‘know that God created you, God loves you and God is on your side.’ Photo by Mercedes Mehling/Unsplash/Creative Commons   By Jack Jenkins (RNS) — A group of U.S. Catholic bishops has released a statement condemning the bullying of LGBTQ youth, insisting […]

Group of US Catholic bishops urges support for LGBT youth

  By DAVID CRARY   1 of 3 FILE – In this Jan. 6, 2017 file photo, Cardinal Joseph Tobin gives the homily during a Mass installing him as the new archbishop of Newark, in Newark, N.J. Declaring “God is on your side,” Tobin along with the archbishop of Santa Fe, N.M., and six other […]

Conversation with Jane Clementi and Carl Siciliano from the Ali Forney Center

      In the fall of 2010, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi left home to attend Rutgers College. At the time he was just beginning to come out of the closet. One evening, shortly after arriving, he asked his roommate for privacy. Unknown to Tyler, the roommate aimed his computer’s camera at Tyler’s bed and live-streamed […]

7 Community Groups Standing Up To Bullying

    Edited by Ezvid Wiki Editorial on 31 December 2020   Kids can be cruel and social hierarchies in schools can be brutal. In recent years, our society has taken a firm stand that we should no longer tolerate the routine bullying of past generations. This list, in no particular order, highlights organizations working hard to […]

10 years after Tyler Clementi’s death, his mom continues to combat bullying

Jane Clementi is now spearheading a campaign to tackle non-inclusive LGBTQ teachings in religion. Sept. 26, 2020, 11:18 PM EDT / Source: TODAY By Alyssa Newcomb Tyler Clementi has been gone for 10 years, but for his mother, his physical absence can feel so new and at other times, excruciatingly long. “I seem to be held captive by dates […]

The Tyler Clementi Foundation calls for action against Bullying

By Julie A. Palm “I will stand up to bullying whether I’m at school, at home, at work, in my house of worship; whether I am speaking in the digital cyber world or out in the real world with friends, family, colleagues or teammates.” More than 1 million people have taken that oath as part […]