Jane Clementi to First Lady Melania Trump:

Today, First Lady Melania Trump is hosting a summit at the White House with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to discuss ways to combat cyberbullying and increase kindness online. In honor of the summit, we want the First Lady to know that Jane Clementi’s invitation to meet with with her — mom to mom —

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12 Teen Jurors; A Play Inspired By “12 Angry Men” to Benefit the Tyler Clementi Foundation

Inspired by the play “12 Angry Men,” a group of Hickory High students took a stand against cyber bullying by presenting a theatrical production, “12 Teen Jurors,” to help educate both middle and high school students as well as adults. The one hour show played on Thursday, Nov. 16th at Northview Middle School. “Through education,

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Join Alan Buie-King, Jane Clementi, Jason Cianciotto, along with entertainment by The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus at a special event for the Tyler Clementi Foundation on March 10.

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New York City Department of Education Includes Tyler Clementi Foundation Programs and Resources in 2018 “Respect for All Week”

The Tyler Clementi Foundation commends the New York City Department of Education for its 2018 “Respect for All Week,” which promotes respect for diversity and engages students in meaningful lessons and activities that prevent bias-based harassment, intimidation, and bullying. We are grateful that our programs and resources are included in Respect for All Week’s “Day 1: Bullying 101” suggested curricula.

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Léman Manhattan Preparatory School Presents “United in Song” Concert in Honor of the Tyler Clementi Foundation

United in Song for Tyler Clementi Foundation

The one night only concert features students from Léman Manhattan and professionals from the worlds of Broadway, Jazz, and Classical music.

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The Tyler Clementi Foundation Congratulates Dan Reynolds on His Groundbreaking Documentary, Believer.

Photo of Dan Reynolds, Sen Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Mitchell GOld

Through showing the harm caused by anti-LGBTQ religious teachings and bullying, the documentary will change the hearts and minds of Mormons across Utah. The Tyler Clementi Foundation recognizes Dan Reynolds as an Upstander, a leader using his platform to save lives.

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Mayor Ravi Bhalla Knows What It Means to Be Bullied and Why Bullying Prevention Matters

Congratulations on your incredible victory in Hoboken’s mayoral race. Did you feel like there was a lot of attention placed on your faith? How do you approach the topic with people who ask about the Sikh faith? Thank you. I believe I won the election because I had served 8 years on the City Council,

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Meet Gay Christian Upstander Erin Green

Erin Green holding sign at Biola Demo

“I have been harassed for my theological views by other “Christians” online to the point to where I’ve had to block people.” Upstander and gay Christian activist shares how religious-based bullying impacted her life and why she stands up to end all bullying and cyberbullying.

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Hayley’s Story: My Path to Forgiveness

“Around 4 years ago, my worst bully was a boy who, for a whole school year, made it his mission to make my life hell. It started off tame, and morphed into lunch sessions that would end with me crying in the bathroom or a physical assault that ended with my father going to his house and telling him never to speak to me again. Which he didn’t, until one summer night four years ago…”

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Demonstration: Tyler Clementi Foundation to Biola University: Stop Teaching that Being LGBTQ is a Sin


In response to religious-based bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students and communities at Biola University, the Tyler Clementi Foundation has partnered with students, alumni, and local faith leaders to demonstrate as #Upstanders.

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New Video

True Faith Doesn't Bully: Jane Clementi Speaks at Biola University Demonstration