Thank You for Downloading #Day1 for Jewish Faith Groups

Thank you for joining us in our movement to end bullying on #Day1. With your support, the Tyler Clementi Foundation is able to bring communities together to stand up to religion-based bullying.

There are two versions of this toolkit. You are encouraged to download the version that is the best fit for your community.

Version A uses the convention of writing “G-d” and “Elokim.”

Version B has the same text but uses the letters “o” and “h” where they would normally appear in these words.

Once you download the toolkit, engage your faith community in creating a safe space through a shared commitment to stand up to bullying and embrace diversity.

In the toolkit, you’ll notice that we’ve taken extra care to highlight the need for Upstanders to oppose bullying of LGBTQ people, as they are often the most vulnerable to being bullied in religious spaces. When possible, we encourage you to involve LGBTQ people in the preparation, rollout, and evaluation of #Day1 in your community and to solicit honest feedback from them about any additional steps that may be needed to increase the safety of your space.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in implementing #Day1 and share your #Day1 experience with us.

There are many more ways for you to be part of the program, and we welcome your support in these ways:

  • Share Your Upstander Story. Tell us about how Upstanders in your life have made a difference, or how you’re standing up against bullying of others.
  • Volunteer with the Tyler Clementi Foundation. Your skills, time and dedication are an invaluable way to support the important work done by the foundation.
  • Donate. Your generous donation directly supports our work to promote safe and inclusive spaces at multiple levels of society.

Thank you for your commitment and support.

— The Tyler Clementi Foundation