Thank you for lifting your voice to end conversion therapy!

Your support is a start to the end of religious-based bullying.

You have taken a stand to stop Biola University and other Christian universities from teaching conversation therapy and other homophobic practices! Share the petition with others so we can come together in numbers and force to end religious-based bullying.

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Learn more about this work through our True Faith Doesn’t Bully campaign.

There are more ways you can make a stand against bullying:

  • Take the Upstander Pledge. This first step is your commitment to online and offline bullying prevention – and a great way to show others that you are an Upstander!
  • Share Your Story. How has bullying affected you or those in your family or community? Together, we can learn from each other and develop solutions.
  • Donate. Your support makes it possible for us to provide free programming nationwide to end religious-based bullying.

Thank you for being an #Upstander.