True Faith Doesn't Bully

True Faith Doesn’t Bully

Celebrate our differences and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Help us end religious-based bullying such as gay conversion therapy by making faith communities safe and supportive places for everyone!

Stand Up to Religious-Based Bullying

On December 4, 2017, we travelled to Biola University to stand up against religious-based bullying such as teaching gay conversion therapy.

True faith doesn’t bully: jane clementi

true Faith doesn’t bully: rev. Mel White

an open letter to homophobia: gena


Meet Upstander Erin Green

Upstander and gay Christian activist shares how religious-based bullying impacted her life and why she stands up to end all bullying and cyberbullying.

“It’s a matter of love and justice. Loving others and treating them justly is a fundamental component to my personal Christian beliefs. If people are being harmed by others, whether it’s physical or verbal; the victim, who is injured will suffer as a result. How human beings can allow and tolerate suffering of the other is egregious. I work in the religious sector specifically, and am especially surprised at this behavior on the part of people who claim to be Christians and their clear unwillingness to love the other as themselves.”

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More resources to end faith-based bullying

  • Resources for Faith Communities: Hear more about the work the Tyler Clementi Foundation is doing to end religious-based bullying and find resource partners.
  • Upstander Pledge: Take the pledge to end bullying offline and online.
  • #Day1: Download the free, easy-to-use toolkit that schools, workplaces, and faith organizations around the country use to take a strong stand to end bullying.

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