True Faith Doesn’t Bully

For many people, religion can be a source of comfort, hope, and community. But for others, religion has been a source of bullying and pain.

Through our True Faith Doesn’t Bully campaign, the Tyler Clementi Foundation is standing up to end religion-based bullying.

What is religion-based bullying?

Bullying, broadly defined, is unwanted and harmful verbal, physical, psychological, sexual or social acts by an individual or group, as well as any real or perceived threat or imbalance of power. When individuals or groups use religion to demean or harass people, to exclude them, to make them feel bad about themselves, or to harm them in any other way, this is bullying.

LGBTQ individuals are particularly vulnerable to religion-based bullying because of the history of religious groups condemning LGBTQ people. Treating LGBTQ people as less valued, preaching at LGBTQ people, and calling LGBTQ people’s sexual orientation or gender identity “sinful” are all potential examples of religion-based bullying.

We believe that all people should have a place in their chosen faith communities, and that no person should be made to feel that who they are is a sin, whether or not they belong to a faith community.

See what we’re doing to stop religion-based bullying

Some highlights of our current and recent work:

  • On November 13, 2017, the Tyler Clementi Foundation joined forces with Faith in America to work together to end religion-based bullying. Learn more.
  • We’re standing up against so-called conversion therapy and harmful theology and the ways they’re being used to bully LGBTQ people.
  • On September 7, 2018, we announced a partnership with leading LGBTQ faith advocate Justin Lee.
  • We’re developing new #Day1 materials specifically geared toward communities of faith.
  • We previously partnered with Faith in America on the Save yOur Kids! campaign to equip, educate, and engage.

Going forward, we’re continuing to spread the lifesaving message that True Faith Doesn’t Bully.

Learn how you can make a difference

You can help end religion-based bullying and take a stand that True Faith Doesn’t Bully.

Your voice matters.

Get faith-based resources you can use

Many faith-based organizations are boldly standing up against bullying. Here are some of them and the resources they offer.