Tyler Clementi Foundation Takes On Faith-Based Anti-LGBTQ Bullying

As religious radicals like Mike Pence and Brett Kavanaugh come closer and closer to stripping LGBTQ people of rights and dignity, the Tyler Clementi Foundation has launched an effort to end bullying of queer individuals in the name of God.

“In my own life, faith has been a powerful and important refuge in times of bullying. But when faith itself is used to bully, it can become a weapon of terrifying psychological destruction,” explained Justin Lee, a leading Christian advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in places of faith.

Along with the team at the foundation, Lee is launching a True Faith Doesn’t Bully Campaign, which seeks to shift the conversation around LGBTQ young people within houses of worship. Their primary goal: ensuring youth are treated with respect and kindness in religious spaces regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity

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