Tyler’s Suite

Creating a lasting culture of kindness through the power of music.

“The story of Tyler Clementi, the story of the loss of one young man who clearly had so much to offer the world and those who loved and would come to love him, reminds us that every life lost because of bullying and bigotry is a specific individual tragedy. This is why I, and this group of gifted collaborators who have joined me, feel privileged to bring our time, energy and talents to the creation of Tyler’s Suite.” -Stephen Schwartz

Tyler’s Suite is a new and lauded nine-piece choral movement dedicated to the memory of Tyler Clementi, a talented young musician who died by suicide after being bullied by his roommate during his first weeks of college.

Created under the leadership of Composer Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin) and Dr. Timothy Seelig (Conductor/Artistic Director of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus), Tyler’s Suite explores the voices and experiences of Tyler and his family through the music of nine of today’s top composers, including Ann Hampton Callaway and Stephen Schwartz.

This powerful collection of songs moves audiences and singers alike and ultimately shines a light of hope for a safer, kinder world in line with the mission of the Tyler Clementi Foundation, which works to end all forms of online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces, and faith communities.

Performing Tyler’s Suite

After a wildly successful tour of seven major US cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas, Tyler’s Suite is now available for your community chorus or performance group.

Available as TTBB or SATB, the Suite highlights the talents of nine contemporary composers—John Bucchino, Ann Hampton Callaway, Craig Carnelia, John Corigliano, Stephen Flaherty, Nolan Gasser, Jake Heggie, Lance Horne, and Stephen Schwartz—who, with librettists Pamela Stewart and Mark Adamo, put to music the voices and experiences of Tyler and his family.

A Partnership with the Tyler Clementi Foundation

We invite you to partner with the mission of The Tyler Clementi Foundation as an Upstander as outlined below to unlock discount pricing as listed under the Upstander rate.

  • Support our Pledge program to turn bystanders into Upstanders
  • Make an ask from the stage to raise money for our work
  • Engage chorus members to promote your performance and our work on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Create press opportunities in your city/state
  • Host a gathering with your major donors to introduce them to our work to prevent bullying before it begins

Licensing Fees

Licensing fees are offered on a sliding scale based on the annual operating budget of your chorus and are negotiable. The one-time fee licenses your chorus to perform Tyler’s Suite once (or twice, if performed on the same day). Pricing decreases when your chorus partners as an Upstander*, combining the power of Tyler’s Suite with the bullying prevention work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Budget Standard
<$100K $300 $200
$100K-$250K $450 $350
$250K-$500K $600 $450
$500K-$750K $750 $600
$750K+ $1000 $750

A formal contract, music sheets, images of Tyler, the Foundation’s logo, and video content when appropriate will be provided by the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Tyler’s Suite is a powerful way to merge advocacy and the arts. By melding music with social change, you and your chorus members can help inspire thousands of individuals to promote a safe, inclusive and respectful social environment in schools, workplaces, and faith communities alike.

To inquire about the music and the ways you can partner with one of America’s premier anti-bullying organizations to change hearts and minds through song, please send an email to music@tylerclementi.org.

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