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Information, partner programs and more for students, instructors and administrators to prevent bullying in college and university settings.

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Bullying doesn’t end when you graduate from high school.

For many people, bullying continues into college and adult life. Tyler’s story happened in just the first 3 weeks of college, so it’s known that bullying can happen at any age. Bullying also goes hand in hand with hazing and sexual violence so its important to tackle bullying head on in a college setting.

The #Day1 Campaign gives people at a college/university level the information they need to be aware of bullying and take actions within their own lives to put an end to it. Many people face new challenges when they are in college and its easy to lose humanity within the craziness- but thats why its so important for all of us to learn how to be an Upstander on our campuses and in our communities.

This is why you should stand up to bullying on #Day1. Download your free Toolkit to help you establish a space free from hostility and accepting of diversity. Learn more about #Day1 and why it works!

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