Complete the #Upstander Challenge Today

Record a video with friends, classmates, or colleagues reading the #Upstander pledge- then challenge another group to do it better!

Recruit a Virtual Team and Complete the #Upstander Challenge Today!

The Tyler Clementi Foundation #Upstander challenge will take place on July 9th, 2020 through September 1, 2020. The original Upstander challenge video (above) was completed by Tyler Clementi Foundation’s super talented Youth Ambassadors! To submit your video, email or direct message your video along with the first and last name of each video participant, which gives us your consent to share the video on our website and across social media platforms. Using Mp4 and landscape mode are the preferred formats for submission. Tag @TheTylerClementiFoundation DM or @TylerClementi Tag or Mention @tyler_clementi_foundation

Email directly at

How Does the #Upstander Challenge Work?

Great question, we’re glad you asked. We want you to help us spread the word about our #Upstander pledge, which encourages everyone to interrupt bullying with kindness, respect, and compassion. Our Youth Ambassadors have created an amazing Upstander challenge video to help kick off the Upstander Challenge! Participate by September 1, 2020, to help us reach 1 million Upstanders by October 2020. 

  • First, you form an Upstander team with friends, classmates, colleagues, or family members who agree to take the Upstander pledge and participate in creating an Upstander challenge video.


  • Clip #1: Record yourself saying, “I am an Upstander,” saying the Upstander pledge, then tossing any object off screen. The object that you toss is up to you, so feel free to get creative! For example, you could write “I am an #Upstander” on the back of a frisbee, then (carefully) throw it off-screen. You do not need to use the same item as the example video- show off your team’s creativity!


  • Clip #2: Your team member records themselves catching a similar object and continues saying the Upstander pledge. These clips continue in the same manner until the entire pledge has been read by all team members. 


  • Once the pledge has been read, end the video with clips of all participants repeating the line, “I am an Upstander.” End the video with one or more participants saying “I am an Upstander. And we can make a difference.”


  • You can add music, just make sure that we can hear you reading the pledge! You can also add captions so long as it only includes text from the #Upstander pledge. You can also rep your school, team, or club with a logo or text.


  • Finally, make sure your entire team takes the Upstander pledge at Use the hashtag #Upstander, post it @ Tyler Clementi Foundation on social media, or send your video to Challenge others in your community to make a video like yours!



Video Editing Best Practices

In order to be considered for reposting or sharing, videos should meet the following requirements: 

  • The preferred video is mp4 in the landscape format.
  • Movie Maker, iMovie, and most other free video editing software, including those within your Vimeo or youtube account, should work for splicing together video clips. 
  • Participants say only Tyler Clementi Foundation #Upstander pledge, including the line, “I am an Upstander” and the final line: “Together We Can Make a Difference”.
  • Participants pass an item between them to signal a new person reading a portion of the Upstander pledge. 
  • Participants use the hashtag #Upstander, post @ the Tyler Clementi Foundation’s social media accounts or e-mail the video to
  • Participants should include their full names and the names of all other participants in order to be considered for reposting or sharing their video on TCF social media.