Upstander Speaker Series

How can the Clementi family’s story make a positive impact at your school, campus or workplace?

Using the power of story and personal tragedy, the Clementi family and foundation staff speak around the country to move people to action. The series helps the foundation engage with the public and the media to pro-actively educate more people about the harms of bullying and opportunities for relationship-building.

The Upstander Speaker Series offers personal perspectives to the conversation about bullying and cyberbullying, human rights, families touched by suicide, or bigotry. We speak at colleges, schools, and businesses and conferences nationwide, where we share Tyler’s story and our work to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to be Upstanders in the face of bullying. We use a carefully designed and consistent presentation so that audiences around the country can expect the same, high-quality presentation. But, we are also able to customize presentations to a particular institution, profession, geographical area, or issue area.

The Tyler Clementi Foundation will request a speaking fee because our time and expertise is valuable, and fees help to fund the work of the Foundation. We may choose to waive the fee in certain circumstances.

The Tyler Clementi Foundation has a powerful narrative about the consequences of bullying, harassment and humiliation, especially in regards to intolerance. We focus on:

  • tips for preventing bullying before it happens,
  • building safe and inclusive spaces regardless of difference,
  • how social media has changed bullying,
  • and tips and tools for how to deal with bullying.

Our Speakers:

Our Speaking Fee: Fees from public speaking help the foundation fund our work and cover expenses.  In addition to the speaking fee, we also ask that institutions cover the cost of travel and lodging if necessary. Our fees are listed below and all are negotiable depending on the situation. 50% required to book and the remaining 50% 1 day before the event. 

Corporations: $5,000.

Colleges & Universities: $4,000 if funding comes from the general university.

High Schools & Middle Schools: $2,500-$3,500 depending on the size of the school/district.

Nonprofits: We are very flexible in working with other non-profit organizations.

These requested honoraria are general guidelines. If you want to book more than one person this cost will likely increase. If more than one presentation is requested in a 48-hour window, the cost may increase. Costs may be reduced through strategic partnerships.

To contact someone from the Tyler Clementi Foundation about bringing a speaker to your school, workplace, or community today, please email

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