Other Ways to Support Us

Did you know there are multiple ways to support the work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation in addition to making your own gifts?

Many wonderful organizations exist to help turn the dollars you already spend shopping into donations to us — and without any cost to you!

If you shop online at other stores (and we know you do!), consider signing up for GivingAssistant and selecting the Tyler Clementi Foundation!  With 3,329 online stores connected (as of 3/25/19), they have thousands of ways to make a difference: many of their partners also offer coupons to SAVE YOU MONEY while you shop, and donate on average between 2 – 6% to us!



Like shopping online OR in stores?  Shop & Support is a great way to go!  

There has never been an easier way to support the Tyler Clementi Foundation. Enroll here and as you shop with participating merchants, a portion of every purchase — in-store or online — will automatically be returned to us as a contribution on your behalf. It’s free for you and there are no costs to us. Some of these merchants give back more than 10%!

All three of these amazing programs are free to you and provide resources to us!

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of the ways you can support our work — it’s all deeply and gratefully received!

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