What We Face in the Workplace…

Messages (good and bad) from women who experienced or witnessed bullying, harassment and humiliation at work.

For International Women’s Day, we are inviting women to share their experiences in the workplace, good and bad, as it relates to bullying, harassment and humiliation.

Do you want to help put an end to workplace bullying? Take a moment to download our #Day1 toolkit for your workplace and help the company create a safer space for all.

Please share your story of how you witnessed or experienced bullying, harassment or humiliation in the workplace. Please also share how your workplace responded (good or bad) and what others can learn from your experience. Your name and email will not be published with your posting.

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3 entries.
Wall Street worked for one large Wall Street company and was chased around a desk at a Christmas party and the Managing Director laughed as he watch it unfold with a drink in his hand. Another firm worked and made significantly less than my male counterparts. Was harassed in a room with 6 men and me. While pregnant wouldn't even more their legs I had to literally step over his legs he was SENIOR PARTNER! I was transferred out of the room and was given a different job and they wanted to cut my salary in half! I went home and my belongings were sent home with hundreds of tampons and pads in the box The CEO was given National Humanities Award by the President. What a joke. Didn't even know what was going on in his own firm or did he?
Encountered it and witnessed it at two separate companies. The worse one of the two at a privately owned family run company in Keene. Managers and leaders abused their positions to harass, bully, degrade, isolate, single out, target, humiliate, falsely reprimand and retaliate. Nothing was done. Nobody spoke up. One would have to be deaf, blind and mute to not know what was going on. Some of the nasty & disgusting offenders were promoted multiple times. Numerous times the owner & HR were made aware of these situations. The owner didn't care. It was common knowledge and repeated that anyone who complained or even thought about legal action found themselves out of a job. Thankfully I don't work in that cess pool of negativity any longer.
In my first few years as an accountant, I worked for this company that would always think it was funny that the executives were all men. They joked about getting rid of the women's bathroom on the upper floor and other things. I would hear them sometimes, as would some of my co-workers and we would think how great it would be to be the first woman to be up in their offices. And then how scary it would be to be the first woman who had to stay up in those offices.

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