Meet #TCFYouthAmbassador Jared Orlov!

Jared Orlov

Jared is a 14-year-old social activist in New York City.  His goal is to become a kindergarten teacher and model behaviors that help kids develop and nurture kindness, in which he believes profoundly.  That requires working to end prejudice, bias and bigotry to make the world more just.

His interest in the Tyler Clementi Foundation was sparked by attending a TCF event, listening to stories about bullying and suicide, and connecting them to his own experiences.  Jared believes that his personal mission is to help others to the best of his ability, thus ensuring a better future for following generations.  His mission is to prevent and intervene in bullying, and to spread the word about its implications for suicidal thoughts and actions.

His preferred approach is to affect kids through contact in their everyday lives.  Kindness and thoughtfulness can be learned behaviors.  Jared believes if children acquire or hone those life skills at a young age, they will be less prone to bullying others and more prone to working to understand others.

He has worked at his Taekwondo dojang’s summer camp as a counselor for 3 years, and is now Lead Junior Counselor, instructing children.  Jared provides kids with concrete, replicable examples of how to be kind and supportive to each other, and how to look out for kids who are isolated.  Child by child, he emphasizes the value of cooperation and the concept of the “indomitable spirit” – when you get knocked down, you get right back up again.  You may have a bad day being bullied, but hang on to your self-worth and keep moving forward.

We’re so happy to have Jared as a #TCFYouthAmbassador! Learn more about the program and sign up here!

In March 2018, we asked #TCFYouthAmbassadors to record a short video and explain how bullying has affected their lives. In Jared’s video, he shares his experience with bullying. Watch below.

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