The Eve of Equality


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Scientific study and personal testimony affirm the widely accepted fact that many individuals are hard-wired to fulfill their human sexuality through same-gender relationships. For these individuals, their same-gender emotional, psychological and physical bonding is as natural to them as opposite-sex bonding is to others.

This knowledge and understanding produces a simple truth – that a person’s innate gender orientation should not be the basis for unworthiness or their undeserving of the rights, freedoms and privileges that all other citizens enjoy in America.

There is another aspect that girds this truth and that is the knowledge and understanding derived by our relationships with our gay and lesbian family members, friends, peers and acquaintances. These relationships reveal that these individuals are no different than us in terms of their value, worth, aspirations and other qualities that bind us tougher as a single human family.

Because of these truths, we reject any and all attempts to label our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters as less in valuable to society.

We particularly stand opposed to those attempts by certain religious and political factions to place a stamp of spiritual and moral disapproval on these individuals.

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