These materials can help change hearts and minds in your community

Let us send you copy of our DVD presentation with CNN Host Wolf Blitzer and a copy of the book “Crisis” so that you can impact an individual, a family and others in your community.

Dear valued supporter,

I want to extend a very special thank-you for your support of Faith In America’s efforts to foster a social environment in which our LGBT youth no longer have to face religion-based bigotry’s uniquely painful stigma and hostility.

I would also like to offer you an opportunity to take a more active role in helping bring understanding and knowledge to those individuals that need it the most.

In September, we sponsored a public dialogue with CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer, who was joined on stage by our founder, Mitchell Gold, and two wonderful pastors who are helping promote a new religious perspective – one that replaces stigma and hostility with understanding and affirmation. The public dialogue that evening was perhaps one of the most effective presentations of Faith In America’s powerful messages.

I’m happy to share that we now have the presentation on DVD and we would like nothing more than to send you a copy that you can share with those who need to hear a new religious perspective on sexual orientation.

We’d also like to send you a copy of “Youth In Crisis” as a companion piece to the DVD. This incredible collection of personal stories from LGBT individuals continues to be a powerful tool in educating Americans about religion-based bigotry’s unique harm to LGBT youth and families. We have a limited number of the hardback editions and I’d like to send you a copy along with the DVD from our dialogue with Wolf Blitzer.

Each of these educational tools alone can make a powerful difference in the lives of a young person whose parents, family and community need to better understand the insidious harm that religion-based bigotry inflicts on the emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of that young person. Together, the book and DVD can have a dramatic impact on bringing better understanding to this critically important issue.

These two items can empower you, as a supporter of our efforts, to truly make life better for LGBT youth and their families. We only ask that you make a $50 gift in return so that as an organization we can get these materials and others to as many people as possible.

Perhaps you may want to give these items as a holiday gift? There are five important areas that I’d like to suggest you consider as a great home for this material:

1. A family in which a young person faces the misunderstanding that often is in place because of the traditional religious perspective on “homosexuality.” Perhaps someone mentioned such a family in a conversation recently or you have first-hand knowledge of such a family in your community. Whatever the case, you can be a catalyst for a life-saving transformation by getting this material to such a family.

2. Another area in which we have found a great need for this material is in the guidance counselor offices in middle schools and high schools across the country. These educational professionals are often on the front line of efforts to improve the lives of our youth. When the young person feels they can’t talk to family or friends, the guidance counselor might be someone in which they feel safe to confide. Find a school in your community and mail a copy of the DVD and the book to the guidance counselor staff. Include a note that simply states you are someone who cares deeply about LGBT youth and their families and that you are sending them the material to review as a resource that they can use when counseling LGBT youth and families.

3. A related area is a local social worker office in your community. Like school guidance counselors, these mental health professionals often find themselves interacting with LGBT youth at a time when the emotional and psychological trauma is playing out in some form of at-risk behavior that places them in that social worker’s presence.

4. One of the areas that we also have observed a need for this material is the professional counseling arena. Mental health counselors often have to work with parents of LGBT youth and many times those parents are dealing with misunderstanding and misinformation that is present because of the parent’s religious perspective. The mental health counselor may feel ill equipped to talk to the parents from within that religious perspective. Identify a mental health counseling practice in your community and share this material for their review.

5. Finally, perhaps there is a church in your community that would be receptive to helping educate its congregants about the harm caused to LGBT youth and families when misguided religious teaching is used to justify stigma and hostility. Offer these materials for the church’s library or perhaps a special event at the church to view the DVD or discuss the book.

Once again, I want to thank you for your support of our work. During these previous seven years, we have worked to intersect the national public dialogue with awareness about religion-based bigotry’s harm to LGBT youth and families. Through media campaigns, public forums, insightful media strategies and personally visiting communities, schools and churches to educate Americans about the harm caused by misguided religious teaching, we have reached millions of Americans.


We look forward to continuing this work and we hope you will continue your invaluable support.

Please consider making a special gift of $50.00 today and let us, in return, provide you with two special gifts that you can share to uplift the lives of LGBT youth and bring comfort to them and their families.

Brent Childers
executive director