N.C. ‘Christian leader’ compares LGBT individuals to excrement

Welcome to the “Christian” group lobbying

for N.C.’s bigotry-filled RFRA measure

Tuesday, April 6, 2015

Faith In America News Release

In a 2008 article posted at the socially conservative web site, RenewAmerica, Rev. Mark Creech said that putting gay civil rights on the same plane as religious liberty would be like giving fecal matter the same importance as food.

“To contend homosexuality or other sexually alternative practices are as worthy of special protections as religion is like saying feculence is as important to one’s person or the culture as food.”

 “Rev. Mark Creech is a very familiar face in the halls of the North Carolina Legislature and the Christian Action League is one of the primary supporters of North Carolina’s proposed anti-gay RFRA measure,” said Brent Childers, executive director of the pro-gay Faith In America organization.

“Based on Creech’s other anti-gay tirades, I believe Rev. Creech was saying what he really believes – gay people are about as worthy of nondiscrimination laws as shit.

“One thing we didn’t see in Indiana and Arkansas over the previous weeks was a good, honest look at the groups behind these incredible expressions of religion-based bigotry that we are seeing in these so-called ‘religious conscience’ or ‘religious liberty’ bills.

“I hope the Christian Action League, which is an affiliate of the notoriously anti-gay American Family Association, doesn’t escape that scrutiny as we expose this measure in North Carolina for what it is.

“The animus toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in North Carolina’s legislative environment is palpable.

Childers said North Carolinians, its businesses and society at large should be repulsed at such overt and abominable expressions of hostility toward a minority segment of its citizenry.


Childers said Rev. Creech in an article at the RenewAmerica website just this week compared anti-gay legislation to the “beautiful head” of Christ.

“Yet the leftist mob of gay activists and their cohorts and the media shouted in one loud and concerted voice, ‘Crucify it! Crucify it!’ They placed a crown of damnable thorny lies around its beautiful head and scourged it with every dreaded accusation of homophobia until it was hardly recognizable any more.”

GLAAD has several more quotes from the Creech: 

“In fact, let me go on record with Tim Mertes in saying I also believe homosexuality is ‘impure,’ ‘dirty,’ and ‘disgusting.'”

“Few sins have done more of late to wreak havoc among God’s people as homosexuality.” 

Childers said there should be a greater outcry for decency and fairness in North Carolina than seen in Arkansas and Indiana combined.