Abbe Berger’s Story

“I come to the Tyler Clementi Foundation threefold- first as a humanitarian, second as a public school counselor, and third as a parent. As a humanitarian, school counselor and parent, I have the opportunity to teach people about bullying. I choose to be an Upstander in many ways. There are so many bystanders observing bullying situations. If this group, this large group of individuals, are taught how to use their role in the right way, bullying can decrease. As a school counselor I am lucky to be able to implement an anti-bullying philosophy with the children I serve. Many of them have not been exposed in their home life. This only motivates me more to empower the youth I serve. It is with them that real change can take place. Being an Upstander has to be modeled. And there are islands of opportunities each day to do so. I can say so much more on this topic but must get to my work at school now.”